Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Letter from Prison

She wrote back!

Going into trial tomorrow, I am so thankful for confirmation that Sweet Mama read my encouraging words. I will, likely, not be able to talk to her as she'll be escorted in chains.

I expect it to be a very difficult day, but I know she knows that I believe in her...and love her.

She opened her letter like this:
Dear Rebekah,
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you so much. You are the best. I can tell Cisco and [Little Miss] are really happy. Thank you for taking such good care of them. I am so happy my kids got you as a mom. I hope you still tell them I love them and miss them...

I have re-read those words a hundred times already. The middle section of her note talked about her court cases, what she's hoping for, and her plans to fight to the end for Baby Brother tomorrow.

As much as I don't want to be witness to a horrific emotional battle, when she realizes it's too late...I understand her fight. I respect it.

Her letter was written from a clear perspective. She talked about working toward her GED, the parenting classes she's in, and the boot camp program she applied for. I prayed through every word, asking God to guide this new, fragile friendship.

Sweet Mama's closing words are haunting.
Thank you for the pictures, I really needed them. Can you plz send more and tell me more about them? I am not a bad person. I really do love them.
Such a jolt to my heart.

At dinner, I told Cisco that his mom wrote back to me, today. I told him many of the things she wrote about and when I was done, he said, "Could I draw her a picture for you to send?"

He started with a huge full-sized paper heart and wrote along the edges, "I love you". Ty asked when I was going to write again and after a few minutes, said, "Mom, maybe when she gets out of jail and is making good choices, again, she could come over for a sleepover. You know, to get to know us?"

I squeezed them so hard for their thoughtfulness.

Cisco's story is a dark monster that could have swallowed him whole if we fed it. Instead, we allowed the light of God to scatter the night and through love, show him how to live open and kind and full of mercy.

I am moved by his unfiltered compassion for a woman who hurt him in so many ways. That is Jesus with skin on - right here at my kitchen table - leaning over a scribbled drawing of hearts and paw prints.

I know this is only the beginning.

Our story just keeps getting better and richer and more lovely.


  1. Oh my! Ty & Cisco are so mature & loving beyond their years. Best to you & mama tomorrow! Peace & strength!

  2. Love this story! So deeply touching!

  3. You are raising some pretty awesome guys!! I love that they have your heart, your compassion, they love all, just like their momma!!

  4. Jesus with skin is the absolutely best description. Those boys of yours are truly amazing. Of course that is thanks to you all for being the role models that God wanted for Ty, LJ & Cisco.

  5. Totally teared up reading this. :) God is so good. I pray court goes well today!

  6. It has to be GOD! Thanks for allowing Him to shine through you!
    Prayers, a sister in Christ