Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Birthday Boy

Happy birthday to my precious boy!!

I love that you are the first person to run to the door after a long day at work. I love that your hugs linger and your kisses come in groups of three. When you grab my cheeks and smash my nose to yours, I know sweeter moments don't exist. I love the energy you embrace the world with and the giant adventurer trapped in your tiny body. I love that you love all the things I love because I love them. I love that we are pickle buddies and that we both prefer water as our drink of choice. I love experiencing life through your expressions. I love your rhythm and the dance remixes you and daddy come up with. I love your "whoop-whoops" and easy spirit. My heart melts every time you say, "Come on, guys!" As if your place in our family always was. I love that you ask to hold my hand and that every night you touch my ears and ask about my earrings. I love your smile and strong muscles. I love the loyalty and friendship you give to your brother and the undeniable affection you share with your daddy. You make me smile when you say, "cocoa butter" and laugh when your response is "my bad!" I love your sensitive heart.

I love the way you love.

I love the way you belong.

I love the boy God made you.

You, my love, will change this world. You have already changed mine.

- Mama


  1. What a beautiful birthday message. Happy birthday, LJ!!!

  2. Awww, happy birthday to your sweet boy!

  3. Happy Birthday LJ...We love you!

  4. Happy Birthday to your strong little man!!

  5. What a beautiful precious message for your beautiful precious boy!!

  6. Some day he will understand this. Right now he can feel it. He is a very special sweet boy.