Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 359


First of all, I have to include this beautiful sketch of Baby Boy and his big brother. The sweetness in his eyes as he touches Rebekah's belly is so precious. I had to share...
It's been a great week...and it's only Wednesday!

You know me, mad about to-do lists...I've been furiously scratching items off, line by line. I had three items left on my "Buy Before Baby" list at the beginning of the week:
  1. Book: Happiest Baby on the Block
  2. Sling (to wear baby around the house)
  3. 2 Baby Gates
On Tuesday, I opened the mail and found TWO surprise packages. The first was from a sweet college roommate (Sarah) that I haven't talked to in months. I wasn't just shocked to find an unexpected gift at my doorstep...Look at what it was:

If this didn't draw squeals of joy (it certainly did). Look at what the second package contained:

A reversible Munchin sling!!! I, of course, had to practice with Mr. Stripes, who was unreasonably grumpy about it. This sweet gift came from a mystery friend named Courtney....Courtney are you there? It's perfect. Exactly the colors and style I would have picked out myself (especially the adorable polka dots!) I literally jumped up and down. What a blessed girl I am to have so many people in my life that care about me and this story.

I'm speechless.

Rebekah got to see baby boy on the big screen again, today. He looks a little more alien in this picture, but my mama heart loves him just the same.

He's the picture of health; very strong. The best news was that his Renal Pelvic Dilatation (kidney malformation) has completely healed itself [insert God] and is no longer a concern!

Rebekah's doing great with her pre-eclampsia and has had normal blood pressure the last few visits.

I find myself wishing she was here...thinking about her there. She's as much a part of me as her son. We talk often about the hospital and the celebration that will take place when baby boy enters the world. I also think about the devastation. The hurting her heart will feel.

We've walked different sides of the path, but in the end, we'll both know loss. Mine for a child that never was, hers for the one we'll hold. Sometimes it's too heavy...BUT GOD. It's the best two word phrase that exists. We'll cling to him, hold each other, and walk through this together.

I'm thankful for emotions. The highs and lows that twist together forming my experiences for motherhood. I will be whatever Rebekah needs me to be. Today...we were buds. Talking about our coming son, junior high talent shows, varicose veins, and our vote for the next American Idol.

Life is good. Right now. Today.


  1. How awesome is that?! I have to suggest a great gate for the stairs (if that is what you need the gate for).

    The negative reviews are about the way the box appeared when delivered- go figure. But it's an amazing gate! We've had ours for 3 years and still holding strong.

  2. Not sure I have posted a comment to you before. But tonight, I had to. I am so, so, so happy for you. I can see the joy and love on your face. This baby boy is truly and completely blessed to have so many people around him already that care about him and love him so deeply. It's amazing. I don't even know you (other than what I read, of course!) and I literally feel tears of happiness coming to the surface for you.

    And by the way... LURVE the sling! I didn't have one with my first daughter, but did get one with my second and I honestly don't know how I lived without it! That, and the Baby Bjorn. Seriously, they are both genius!

    Have a wonderful week!

  3. Wow, I found you through the tip junkie site and I am moved to tears at your posts. I have a three year old son and a seven month old daughter, adn I can't imagine having to give up a baby that has brothers and sisters. I haven't read the whole story yet, so don't know why Rebekah has to do it this way but I feel for her, and am so glad that she found you and your husband, as I can already tell that baby boy will be so loved, and so cherished and both families will truly benefit. I have signed up to follow on your journey, thanks for having the courage to put it all out there. :)

  4. Smiling for you right now. Hoping your joy and happiness continue to carry you through the next few months...I can see that your spirit is glowing! Our God is so GOOD. Have a blessed day...

  5. what a beautiful glad to here that the kidneys are completly healthy and that Rebekah is doing so well. it won;t be long...

  6. Love the sketch. So cute.
    Glad that baby boy is growing well.
    I enjoy hearing how your relationship grows with your son's first mommy. Gives me hope that one day I'll have that close of a relationship with my daughters as long as we keep at it.

  7. praise God for taking care of his health, rebekah's health and for great friends!

  8. You are going to love your sling! Our baby was so big that I could only wear him in a sling for 2 weeks, but I wish it could have lasted longer. That sling was the only way I could do anything. Baby didn't want to be anywhere but snuggled against my heart, so that's where he stayed.

    Love the Happiest Baby tips, too! See if you can check out the DVD, too. Your library might have it. Some of the techniques might be easier to see than to read about. Total lifesaver!

  9. I just found you through tip junkie and after I read your through your posts, especially the post on getting the call, I had to comment. Your blog has brought me to tears. I am a mom of 5 and I cannot imagine my life without each and every one of my children. What you are doing, and what Rebekah is doing for you is such an amazing gift from God. I am now a follower and can't wait for updates.

  10. your Mr. Stripes is so cute!
    We have "Luv Bunny" My parents bought him/her on a whim when they decided they were ready to be grandparents. :D

    And Praise God for being the Great Physician! I'm so glad Baby Boy is healthy and that R's Blood pressure is normal!

  11. You will LOVE HBOTB!! I swear that the shushing (if I even spelled that right... :) works miracles just on its own. If you don't have the video to go along with the book, I'd highly recommend it - it's great to see the 5 S's in action. Almost time to meet your little one! :)

  12. Aww!! This is my first time commenting, but I just love reading about the bond between you and Rebekah. Also I appreciate the way you write about your faith. I feel so happy for your growing family! Gorgeous header by the way.

  13. Oh, Rebekah! I just CANT WAIT until he comes (and I am sure you're saying, YOU can't wait???). I am so excited to see you so full of joy, as if the joy I see in you already isn't enough! Congratulations!

  14. hey rebekah!
    you can also watch some clips of the HBOTB techniques on youtube if you want a 'visual'! It amazing to watch it work right before your eyes!

    love the sketch~did YOU do that?! wow!
    baby heart is SO handsome!

  15. I LOVE the sling! That's something that's still left on my list to get...I haven't been sure what kind though. Very fun! And, The Happiest Baby on the Block is worth it's weight in gold...we were actually trained in it for L & D. The DVD is worth seeing; it really drives home the techniques. Love you!

  16. The picture you posted of the sketch is great -- did you do the drawing or was it a gift?

    How nice that you received two of the things you still wanted to get! I've heard good things about that's on my list of books to buy, too. I love the sling - very nice.

    So glad to hear that Rebekah and your baby boy are doing so well. That's wonderful news.

    Thanks for the updates...I always look forward to reading your blog.

  17. I am so very happy for you - and I love the love that I "hear" pouring out from your words. Your story truly is amazing, as is your faith in God and in this process. I think of you every single day, and pray for you and Ben, and Rebekah, and baby boy. I sooo cannot wait until his tiny yet tremendous presence graces your days!!



  18. Gifts are so fun! My MIL just bought me my first baby gift ever, and though it felt weird, it was so exciting, too! You look so happy...I can't believe you've only got a couple of months left! Can't wait to keep reading your updates!

  19. I didn't read the Happiest Baby on the Block until I had my third child and let me testify... IT WORKS! My son now at 2 is still the Happiest, calmest, sweetest, most attached baby ever. ;)

    I actually got the DVD rather than the book, since I am such a visual learner. You may want to put it on the wish list, just as a quick refresher. :)

  20. It's wonderful that his health issues cleared up. That sling is great! I have to get one myself. And I also have Happiest Baby on the Block. Obviously, I haven't used it yet, but I've heard great things!

  21. Rebekah, I was hoping to get your gift certificates in the mail this weekend, but I still need to run to Starbucks and I have the BLESSING CEREMONY tomorrow for Samuel so I won't get there until Monday. Sorry it's taking so long, but I'll get it in the mail by Tuesday.

  22. The Happiest Baby is PURE GENIUS, you'll be amazed when you put into action. And if you don't have one yet, invest in a Miracle Blanket. It saved us!

    So happy for you. Adoption is truly divine intervention. We are all blessed beyond measure.

  23. HI! Yes, Im here. ;) LOVE the picture of you trying it on with Mr. Stripes!! I cracked up when you said to 'wear' baby around the house. Can't wait to see the pictures with BABY in it!! So happy that his renal dialation went away as well, thats wonderful!

  24. You sound so happy... I am so glad things are going so well! What great gifts you got. I think the Happiest Baby on the Block tips for calming a fussy baby are spot on. It works with little L every time!

  25. That is so awesome! Guess what???? We found out last night we will be adopting! We met with birth mom to hammer out some details. Were you scared and excited all at the same time when you found out? I am!

  26. Life is good. Right now. Today.

    I love this...I wrote just now...

    'life is perfect within this moment!'

    Thinking of you...every single day! With all the preperation for Baby Boy...and oh!!! the dreaming of what and how you are going to feel when you hold him for the first time....

    Thinking of you xx

  27. Love the sketch- how precious!!!Love the sling too. I'm sure it will be used alot!

    I'm thankful for emotions too!!
    Life would be SOOO dull without them!!

    Glad life is going well- for now anyway!!