Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 358

I was interviewed over at Tip Junkie! Go Check it out:


Thank you for thinking of me Michelle!!


  1. I just read your story on Tip Junkie. Thank you for your story. I to have gone on the journey of adoption and have two very wonderful little girls. It is great to know others feel the same as I did. Also it looks like you live in Michigan which I do also. Both my adoptions were out of state so Good luck and I look forward to reading your blog:)

  2. Tip junkie is how I happened upon your blog this morning! Congrats on your upcoming baby boy. I have been reading your blog all morning and love how honest and open you have been. May the Lord continue to bless both of your families in this journey.

    Congrats again,
    Rachel :)

  3. It was my pleasure! I know other people will get a blessing from you and your huge heart!

  4. Yay! Great interview!! Thanks for the shout out! I feel so bonded to you as well and can't wait to hear all your future posts once baby love joins you!! :) (I love all your posts now, too).

  5. That interview was so great! :-D You are so very articulate.

    Just a head's up that I changed the URL to my blog. The new URL is:


  6. That was so great. I loved reading your interview. What a great thing. Ill email ya later.

    Me (R)

  7. thanks for the sweet post you left on my blog! means a lot! I read your strory on tip junkie! how awesome and your picture on there is just gorgous!!!!

  8. saw you on tip junkie! i am an adoptee! thank you for adopting :) i am so grateful that my birthmother chose adoption and even more thankful for my adopted family.

  9. Just went over and read your interview, it was great! I love your nursery also- Baby Boy is sooooo fortunate to have so many wonderful people in his life!!

    Continuing to pray for you all during the last few weeks of the wait to meet baby boy :)

  10. Great interview! Wow, Rebekah... I wish you could help me decorate my house. Ever visit the Houston area? I'll trade you a free photo session for baby boy, for a design consultation!!! ;)

  11. that was cool..so many have been and will be inspired by you!
    You truly are a remarkable role model!!!


  12. I am so glad I found your blog! Your story is such a blessing to me personally, as I know it also is to many others. :) I emailed you also as my comment here started to get too long!

  13. Great interview!!! I loved hearing your story...you are an amazing woman!!

  14. Oh! me again.... after i commented i was thinking about something I should show you. If you need some help writing and capturing your adoption story I have a great little thing for you!! and if you want to publish from home i can help you do that too...I've seen some amazing stories come through about adoption!! just beautiful!

  15. I stumbled across your blog on Tip Junkie. If only I had more time I'd splurge and read every word! I hit the highlights, though, and loved it all.
    I am a fellow adoptive mom and was so touched by many of your inspiring posts.
    Good luck with the upcoming arrival of your sweet baby.

  16. I too found your blog from tip junkie (which i also just joined like last week)
    I have PCOS and have fertility issues, and although we were able to concieve with a Fertility clinic I can relate to you in so many ways. (although I can not humble myself to begin to imagine what pain you have gone after all those years).
    We also have friends that had tried for almost 10 years and adopted a son last year internationally. They too had a horrible time with the agency, but after almost 2yrs in the adoption process they now have their son. And its been a year and they are the happiest family! I cant wait to read about the day you bring your son home!
    I will pray for both your families. It is truely God's blessing when something like this comes together.


  17. I found you through the tip junkie,reading your story and the news of your baby boy I could not help but cry.I have been there as an adoptive mom of a beautiful baby boy.Chrish the time you first hold your son and enjoy every second as he grows.Somewhere along the way when I blinked...my baby boy turned 3 on me!
    I always heard "They grow up way too fast" they really do.After waiting over 10 long years for a child ( that seemed to last forever ),the joy of watching my baby boy grow happens in the blink of an eye.The more I look at him the more I see him changing into a big boy at every glance.
    Hugs from one woman wanting so bad to be a mommy to another.I've been there....yes it is worth the wait.