Sunday, November 2, 2008

Day 188

My girlfriends threw me the most amazing baby shower, yesterday! It was rather large and I didn't take any pictures...but hopefully someone who did will get them to me so I can post some of the highlights! I was overwhelmed beyond belief. Ben and I have been in such a funk over the last couple of weeks. We've been experiencing some non-baby related stress that has made the baby wait even more difficult. The days leading up to the shower I was getting major cold feet. Had I made the right decision to go ahead with a shower, without a match? Were people judging our decision? Did they think I was just looking for an excuse for free gifts?

No matter how many times my friends encouraged me that everyone understood, I wasn't so sure. However, yesterday, I found myself standing in front of all the people I love most, sharing tears and hugs. I have never felt so loved, so surrounded. Every detail of the shower was perfect and thoughtful, from the centerpieces to the cake to the guests. I knew I had opened a lot of gifts, but it wasn't until I got home that I felt the full impact. My living room was covered in gifts! I was so overwhelmed with the love poured out, I could only sit and stare. (Not much putting away happened last night!)

I had piles of the most beautiful books I've read and almost every item from my registry. I am so glad I bucked the agency's recommendation and went ahead with decorating a nursery and having a shower. Most moms get 9 months to nest and plan and dream...why should it be any different for an adopting mom? I know there's risk. I know there's emotion...but a baby is coming.

I loved my nursery before, but now? I can't leave. Really. It's beautiful; it's full. I cry every time I look at the bookshelf. Over the next few weeks I plan on reading every book on the shelf, while cuddled up in my rocker. I know every woman is different and has ranges of tolerances. For some, walking by an empty nursery brings heartache. For me, it brings healing and hope. I love that I've had time to prepare and plan and dream. As I bathe the room and our baby and our birth mom in prayer, I dream about the day when I no longer have to dream.

Here's some updated pictures of the nursery! (There's only two additions that aren't pictured - 1) I have the most gorgeous charcoal gray long taffeta curtains to hang and 2) I have 4 large frames for baby pictures)

Just wait until you see the curtains! (Isn't the pillow adorable?)

No bed is complete without a rock star blanket! :)

My curtains look just like that gray pillow--they'll be beautiful when I finish sewing them!

This candlestick is one of my favorite pieces of the nursery. It immediately took it from baby to glamorous!

I got three beautiful homemade scrapbooks!

A picture of my growing niece, Nya--for extra cuteness!

I'll post shower pictures when I get them!


  1. The nursery is very cute! We had ours done before we were chosen too...good for you! Enjoy it!

  2. Your nursery is very nice! :-) Looks like a lot of time and planning went into it. Is your rocking chair a Dutailer Glider??

  3. Something in the first paragraph struck me as may not have gained any "baby weight" but you're definitely getting ample "baby wait."

    We were in a funk during the wait period. I can't over-emphasize the importance of friends, family and a small group at church, because they were the anchor we clung to when it seemed like God had forgotten us.

    The Nursery looks pretty rad! (A little vernacular flashback inspired by your retro wardrobe in the previous post!" And I love the "Rock Star" blanket. Rock on!

  4. I was so Blessed to share that with you ... Thanks for letting me crash:)

  5. I LOVE IT! My heart is so full for you, and I am beginning to feel your anticipation as my own...I wonder each day if it's "THE day"! I'll be jumping each time my phone rings :) are such a beautiful Mama.

  6. I've been silently following you, knowing my next baby will come by adoption. Your nursery is gorgeous, and it is wonderful that you have such great friends to surround you in love and hope in this time of anticipation!

  7. Good for you for having a shower and getting ready! My hubby wouldn't even let us register until we were "approved." We didn't have our first shower until our daughter was almost a month old and had to come up with stuff pretty fast when we got the call. You never know when it will come, so make sure you have some clothes, blankets, bottles, etc. washed and ready to go.

    I am so excited for y'all and can't wait for a "We got the call!" post.

    Beautiful nursery!

  8. I am just in awe of your nursery!

    What a wonderful shower you had! You are truly blessed to be surrounded by such fabulous and loving friends!

  9. Your shower seemed wonderful (at least the part I was there for!)

    It was wonderful to see YOU and chat and to hold your niece too...what a wonderful day...exactly the kind of day every mommy should get while she is waiting for HER baby...

  10. Awesome. I am kind of regretting my decision to NOT have a shower before hand. I think it would help solidify for those around me that a baby is coming and help me feel more validated during our wait. Maybe I will talk to someone about this! You are so progressive, Rebekah!

    I love your nursery! It is so unique!

  11. It looks great!

    I don't see how an agency can recommend something like that...the waiting period is SO unique to each particular couple, you know? You do what YOU are comfortable with! The shower sounds like it was wonderful :)

  12. What an awesome weekend. I think you made the right decision to go ahead with the shower and nursery preparations FOR SURE. I LOVE the room, it looks absolutely amazing, you have fone such great work!!!!!!!!
    Praise God for amazing friends and family in your life!

  13. Rebekah, you are waiting just like anyone else who is pregnant! We always give showers to pregnant women before their baby's are here...this is no different! I'm so glad your friends and family threw a shower for you, and I'm sure it was a blast.

    I have a feeling it's not going to be much longer for you guys. And now, you're more than ready! How exciting...true rockstar fashion!

  14. I am so excited for you, and love the nursery!!!! I too had a baby shower before our baby was born (however we did know we were chosen) thanks to my mom and sister-in-law. It ment the world to me to have one before our daughter was born. God Bless

  15. So glad the shower was a success, I've been thinking about you a lot! I can't wait to see pictures when you have them. :)


  16. I am in love with your nursery! It's so stylish. I love it! Just think, a sweet miracle will be in there soon. Best wishes and take care! :)

  17. Your nursery is awesome! I'm so glad you're enjoying it. Hurray for the baby shower too, and the support and love from family and friends... your little baby will have so many people that love them!

  18. First of all ~ I'm so proud of you for having the courage to shower yourself with goodness. :) You deserve it and I'm so glad that you had such a wonderful time!! It sounds like you are surrounded by beautiful people who love you so much! :)
    Secondly.....I LOVE your nursery! It's beautiful!! :) Now...we just need a baby! :)

  19. That is one fantastic nursery! If I even show my husband, he will want to redecorate immediately.

    I love it; great job! :)

  20. still waiting for shower pics!
    hey, i would love to let you borrow the cow diapers, but my post was misleading...i picked that one for the pic because it was the cutest, but my cowprints are actually my one size ones! shoot! enjoy the day!

  21. I have been following your blog! I had a week and half to prepare for our little one I always say I was pregnant for a week and a half!
    I wish I had not listened to anyone and had went ahead and got it all done so we didn't have to barrow and such till we got everything we needed! You will be so glad you got it done! It will happen just you wait and see and you will be ready when it does! Jenny in Missouri