Thursday, October 9, 2014

Rebekah's Story

Ty's birth mother, Rebekah, is telling her side of our story, right now, over on her blog. I encourage you to read her compelling words. It's such a good reminder that there is always more to the story...

 Adoption Part I: My Story Five Years Later
 Adoption Part II: The phone call that started it all
Adoption Part III: Rock Bottom


  1. That's awesome that she is sharing her story!
    She's awesome.

  2. Ty's birthmom is such a lovely lady and she does have a gift for writing.

    As we have just adopted our daughter under very similar circumstances, I'm wondering if you'll share at all how you address the issue of his birth father with Ty? We have a wonderful relationship with our daughter's first mother, and we strive for transparency and openness about her story. But the bio dad issue is bound to come up; how do we tell the truth about an unsavory person while being respectful of our child's origins?

  3. What a lovely woman Rebekah seems to be! I love reading her story.

    It is eerily similar to our new daughter's birth mom's story. Her boyfriend of many months turned out to be married, and she discovered this only after learning she was pregnant. We have a very open and loving relationship with her, but we are (perhaps prematurely) concerned with how to handle the issue of the other half of our daughter's biological heritage. Have you addressed this at all with Ty? I am already intimidated about one day having the conversation when she asks about her birth father, because while we strive to be completely candid about her story, we want to do so in a way that is respectful to our daughter, and by extension, to the man whose genes she carries.

  4. I am so glad she is blogging again, I loved reading her things before

  5. Wow Rebekah. These last few ladies ask really good question. I don't even know the answer to these. I am also interested.

  6. Thank you for sharing Rebekah's blog post regarding Ty. He's a lucky little man to have two mommy's that totally love him.

  7. That is so heartbreakingly beautiful!