Sunday, September 14, 2014

Little Miss is One!

Little Miss,
You were quite unexpected. Quite. But, in only 7 months, you've won our hearts and love in the deepest way. You are growing before our eyes and it is such a privilege to encourage you along the way. I have never doubted God's hand on your life, but I believe your naming - prosperous in war- was divine. You are a fighter. A survivor. Your fierce independence makes us laugh, but sets you apart from the others. Your tenacity will serve you, well, as you pursue every dream.

I was such a content Mama with all boys before you showed-up, but your presence in our family filled an area of my heart that I didn't know sat dormant. You will, likely, want to fish and camp and catch lizards with your brothers, but I hope that our life is marked with meaningful relationship.

Recently, we met with a case worker and as we sat on the floor to watch you play, you walked over and plopped right in my lap, as if to say, "This is where I belong." You stayed there until the meeting was over, resting your chubby hand on my thigh. It was near the beginning when I first felt like mom, but that moment revealed our connection from your perspective.

You are a firecracker. Your own person. May your life be extraordinary; your story as God wrote it.

Chase after God with every fiber and never let your flame dim.

You are my treasure.



  1. Precious!!! Happy birthday, Little One!

  2. My favorite line..."your presence in our family filled an area of my heart that I didn't know sat dormant."

    Beautiful! You both are truly blessed!

  3. After 2 boys I am mom to a little lady in pink! She has turned my world upside down, but I wouldn't change a thing! Her adoption is closed whereas the boys' are open. I don't know how she will handle that, covering her in lots of prayer as she grows!

  4. Happy Birthday, Little Miss! I have loved following your family through this journey. God bless.

  5. I can't wait until the day they are yours and we can see pictures of their little faces.....they are just precious! Happy Birthday little girl!