Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Book Review

Today, I am on the TLC book tour for:
 by Peter & Cheryl Barnes

Although the book was much too mature for our three year olds (reading level is age 5+), Ben and I really enjoyed it! Being a lover of words, I found the rhythm quite catchy:

To begin, let's go back more than 400 years
To meet the first settler - the first pioneers.
Across the Atlantic from England they came
To seek opportunity, fortune, and fame!

The book was written by a husband and wife team (awww) and showcases a very patriotic mouse, Liberty Lee. The story walks you through the foundation of America, from Jamestown to the Declaration of Independence. The most darling element for me was that Liberty Lee is hidden on every page. The boys are really digging "eye spy" these days, so they got a kick out of looking for Liberty Lee throughout the book!

The ending lines were surprisingly impacting:

And you know, with a friend, there's no way you can fail
If he lends you a hand - or lends you his tail -
Together, you might change the world, just you see!
We did it together, my friend Thomas and me!

When I look at my boys I see world was refreshing to see that affirmed in a children's book.

Good work Barnes Family! I look forward to reading more!


  1. Hi Rebecca, I am from the same area as this lovely couple that create these wonderful children's books. There are several other books they have done together.
    Cheryl was actually a teacher with my mother in law. Small world!
    I love their books as they have such a creative way of splashing in a bits of history into their sweet stories. Hope you can find the other ones and enjoy! Ann Marie

  2. I love those last few lines as well, and I'm thrilled to see them affirm what you've been teaching your boys. Thanks so much for being a part of the book tour!