Friday, December 2, 2011

A Family of Four...?

For all the obstacles we faced early on in the foster adoption process, God has granted us tremendous favor. We talked to a couple the other day that has been waiting 9 months on paperwork processing, alone. Last night we had our last meeting with our case worker and the first meeting with our licensing worker. The meeting was a little intense as the foster information was quite extensive, but we took it in stride.

As our workers walked out the door, our case worker wished us a Merry Christmas and said, "2012 is going to be a big year of change for your family." We smiled and thanked them for their time.

We truly are in a state of God's perfect peace. I hope that our family will expand, next year, but I'm okay if it doesn't. I hadn't put much reflection into what 2012 was going to bring for us (isn't that what January is for?), therefore was blindsided by an email I received this morning. It went something like, "Rebekah, I submitted your family assessment this morning to my supervisor. I’ve attached a child adoption assessment on a 2-year-old male. I provided your information to his adoption worker for review."

I had to read it three times before I understood what our case worker was saying. Getting linked with a child this month was never in my realm of possibility. I, honestly, hadn't even thought of such a scenario. We, of course, looked through this sweet boy's profile, reading and re-reading all 12 pages. With every word our hearts screamed Yes, Lord. We're ready.

At this point, we know a lot about this little boy, his parents/termination of rights, and the story that brought him to this place. What we don't know is how many families have been submitted for consideration or whether or not his case worker will deem us a good fit.

There is something really special about this two year old that resonates with us. It's strange to feel so connected to paper. There's no picture or emotion provided, yet, the resilience in his report stirs our hearts. 

I am praying for this sweet boy tonight. Not that he would be ours or that we would receive confirmation tomorrow. Rather, I am praying God's perfect will for his life. I am praying protection over his little heart. I am praying that God would give wisdom and clarity to his case worker, so that she can quickly identify the best family to meet his needs...knowing we may not be the choice.

Please join us in prayer for this gift of God. Wouldn't it be wonderful if baby boy could be matched with his forever family for Christmas? I'll keep you updated as I find out information. Thank you for continuing to stand with us as we trust God for our family.


  1. Absolutely amazing! I will be praying for this sweet child too!

  2. Ooh! Definitely praying with you for the little guy and for God's clear guidance every step of the way!

    Lisa in CA

  3. oh wow!!!! How exciting if you get matched, and how amazing that you had a chance to pray for him even if you dont get matched..... you are beautiful people Rebekah!


  4. WOW!!! This is so very exciting!! A house full of boys Rebekah. I cant wait to see how this all fall into place.


  5. That's very exciting, Rebekah! Hope everything goes well and that he's matched with you.

  6. and so it begins...

    that is good news to hear that they already have you on their radar.

  7. I will pray too. Every child in foster care should have a prayer warrior. This lucky little guy will have many!

  8. I just found and started reading your blog! This is so amazing and exciting! I am praying for your family and this little boy as well!!

  9. What a wonderful thing to ponder at this time. I hope this little boy finds the right home and soon. Love you all.

  10. My heart skipped a beat reading this post.
    Praying that this child is meant to be your Christmas gift.


  11. Oh, I am definitely praying! I want to do foster adoption some day soon. I see it as something that is so close to the heart of God!

  12. WOW. I hear what you're saying about praying for His will to be done in this little boy's life, whether that includes your family or not... but I have to admit that the image in my mind was that of the bunk beds you purchased months ago, and two little boys playing together on them.

    Prayers will be said for your family and this little boy from around my family's dinner table tonight. :)

  13. Oh, this is BIG news!! Thinking of you and this precious little boy!

  14. I am praying, praying, praying!

    Make sure you keep us updated!


  15. Exciting news! So happy for this precious little boy and that he will soon be with his forever family. He would be a very blessed little boy to have Ty for a brother. We were matched pretty quickly, too. If you're family, you're family.

  16. Rebekah,
    I came across your blog just a few days ago. It has been very encouraging to me to read your story and I found myself praying for your family as I went to bed that night.

    My husband and I are also in the foster to adopt process. We have been foster parents before and it was both a challenge and a blessing. We learned so much the first time around. We learned just what the Lord is showing you. That parenting is a process. We had 2 little ones and were fostering 2 older children. We managed it and we even loved those boys but it was much more difficult than it had to be. We also learned that it is easier to parent a stage you have already gone through. As my children have reached the ages our foster boys were I am much more able to see what is "normal" for an age and what to be concerned about.
    God has taught me so much about humility and adapting ourselves for the children we will be blessed with and not vice-versa. Ok, enough of that. It seems you have an open heart to the Lord so I am certain he has already begun a good work in you!
    I want to recommend a book. It's called Parenting the Connected Child. A friend who has adopted gave it to me last year and it has been a wonderful read. We finished paperwork for the Foster-Adopt program in October and we are still waiting for children. We did not get a sibling group that we fell in love with, but I was praying the same thing you were in regards to the Lord's Will. Children's lives are more important than me getting my way. I know you feel the same. Still, I did cry when I found out we weren't getting them. I told myself that God just knew these little ones needed covered in extra prayer. So I got to love and pray for them before the Lord brought them to their forever home. So now we wait. That is the hardest part, and that is what led me to your blog. I will pray for this little 2 year old boy. I will tell the Lord I want you to have him and then I will pray harder for His will.

  17. so exciting!! Will be praying for the Lord's will in this situation!