Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Year - New Blog

It's officially birthday week!!! We like to celebrate birthdays all week, around here, and sweet Tryus will be no exception. He might even get two weeks for being so cute...scratch that, we are celebrating for two weeks because his party isn't until the end of the month!

Can you guess the theme???

Because there were so many little people in my life turning one, this summer, I did some research to find the perfect homemade gift. God has planted a major SIMPLIFY seed in my heart, hence the birthing of our year's (and longer) motto: Live Simple, Buy Less, Give More. I've gone from enjoying simplicity to hating excess. When I see the work Compassion International is doing and I read about poverty stricken nations; a violent, abuse-strewn, American city; and watch some of our closest/longest friends stare at the remains of their fire ravaged, used-to-be house (yesterday), I know God has given to us so that we can give out.

How can we be an abundant, ever-flowing, outpouring blessing if we're racked with the I-need-more bug and endless debt????

We've always been very disciplined stewards of our money, but God's taken me to new heights this year...and I'm getting crazy thrifty...

All that to say, a new blog has birthed. Thrifty Heart. It's where I'll be writing out all the changes we're making, things I'm crafting, and money we're saving. I wrestled with a name for awhile because although I will be making many homemade things, I didn't want it to be a crafting blog...I want it to be a here's-how-our-life-is-changing-and-we're-able-to-give-more-and-live-on-less blog. When I looked up the definition for thrifty, I was sold. Thriving, prospering, growing. Perfect.

So...I hope you'll follow me as I try to weed through the jungles of "too much" in my life and learn to simplify. This place, of course, is staying and will continue to be the pounding out of my heart cries.

It sure took me a long time to finish my initial point. I came across the genius of bunting banners on my quest to make something special for all the birthday boys. Such a wonderful, classic way of inserting happy into any day! My hope is that each recipient will look forward to getting his special banner out, year-after-year, for his big week.

I just finished Ty's, this week, and it hangs proudly, through the entryway. It's the perfect amount of zig-zagged festive and makes me smile, when walking through. (The banner is several feet long and spells out "Happy Birthday Tyrus").

This tutorial, and so much more, will be coming soon over at Thrifty Heart. I seriously love this banner so much, I just told Ben I'm making more to hang for our birthdays (smile). Nothing says happy day like a crafted-with-love (only about $8 to make) banner. Love it!


  1. And, you can use that banner every year! How fun!

  2. Wow thats great and I look forward to your new blog. Happy Birthday TY. How cute love the banner

  3. yay I look forward to reading your new blog! I've decided on rubber ducky for the theme of henry's first bday too (I'm guessing that is your theme) so I look forward to seeing what great ideas you have one a budget! love the banner!

  4. Can't wait to check out the new blog. I love banners like that -- I have been toying with the idea of making one to hang in Zoe's room. I love mismatched fabrics and bright colors...we'll see what I come up with! I love the one you made for Ty -- too cute and great for every birthday.

    Great theme for his party, too -- rubber ducks are so cute and easy to find! I can't wait to see more pics if you post more!

  5. Oh I cannot wait to read the new blog. This is right up my alley and I love the banner. Such a great thing to tuck away in a baggy and use every year too.

  6. oh how fun! I made a birthday banner for graydens party after seeing them all over etsy, so much cheaper to make and we'll reuse it every year!
    can't wait to see your other thrifty ideas!

  7. LOVE the banner...and you know I LOVE the idea of the new blog. (Even if it isn't just a Craft blog...sounds like there will lots of great ideas!)

  8. I'm new here but have lurked for quite some time. I love the banner, it looks great! I love the thought behind the new blog; I think we can all learn to give a little more.

  9. The banner is great. I make them out of scrapbook paper sometimes and love them.

  10. Gosh he is SO adorable! I love the theme and can't wait for the big celebration day!!

    I'm looking forward to following along with your new blog...the "live simply" idea speaks to my heart in a big way right now!