Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Adventures of Baby Ty

Ty had a very BIG day, today! He turned two weeks old, his cord fell off this morning (which by the way left a very nasty goo behind - gross!) and he got his first real bath...which he hated! He cried through most of it, but his mama was happy knowing that he was squeaky clean.

As if that wasn't enough excitement, Ty drug us through miles of mountains to tour a dinosaur museum...the views on the way were well worth the drive and my boys seemed to enjoy themselves amidst the dino bones!




On the way home from the museum, Ty begged to climb up the falls. We told him it wasn't the place for a newborn, but he insisted!

There were some crude stairs carved out of rock, but we were quite the spectacle...me in flip-flops - Ben in sandals - with a carseat in tow!! Not exactly the picture of professional hikers.

Ty enjoyed every minute of it and particularly enjoyed the sound of rushing water.
He later thanked us for bucking the system and showing him a good time!

We love our little family and are thoroughly enjoying our first family vacation. As fun as it has been...we are really (can I stress REALLY) ready to come home. You don't realize how much you love/miss/depend on your friends and family, until you're away from them for days on end.

Please Pray.

We are literally just waiting for a phone call from Michigan Interstate telling us that we can come home. If we don't receive the phone call by tomorrow night, Ben may have to leave me. He has to be back for work on Monday morning...and we have a 3 days journey ahead of us. Not only do I not want to be left alone, we don't want to have to pay for him to fly home and then back (when it's time for me and Ty to come home). Ben is going to call his boss tomorrow to see if he has any options on taking more time...unfortunately it would probably be unpaid...and that doesn't really work either.

We're trying not to stress about it and just enjoy the days we have here...but it's scary when more money is on the line....as if we haven't shelled out enough!

We'll let you know as soon as we hear anything. Hopefully, tomorrow will be the day!


  1. Hoping and praying you get that call. And Tricera Ty is ADORABLE!

  2. Looks like Ty drug you guys to some great places!!! Praying for you all to get home soon!! I know how hard it is to be away from fammily but in the end yuo'll never forget moment of just being your little family for awhile before all the visitors want to take over!! LOL!!

  3. Wow! I envy your energy!!

    Hoping you get that call!

  4. I'm so glad you've been able to take in the sights around here before you leave! Now, when I go to some of these same places you've been, I can think to myself, "Yup, Rebekah and Ben and Ty were here!" I wish I could have had the chance to meet you before you head home, but I completely understand that it's family time, and I'm so glad you're enjoying yourselves. I'll be praying for the call!

  5. Will keep you in prayer today...and in the days following. Love little Ty... and you are a glowing, blessed mother, Rebekah! Hugs to you.

  6. Love the pictures!

    Hey, when we were waiting, I actually got the # for NC ICPP and called them myself. I was super, sugary sweet and sort befriended a lady there and within 4 hours we got the call we could go home (we were there already for 16 days) !
    You may want to try that. If you don't get the call today or tomorrow, you might be there all through the holiday weekend :( We were getting that way with Labor day weekend last year.

    Love ya-Dori

  7. Love the pic of Ben and Ty with the falls behind them!

    I will be praying for you...

  8. Praying specifically for that call TODAY!!! I love the pics...I've wanted to go out west for a vacation forever. If that baby dragged you to some sight-seeing spots at such a young age, just think of all the places you'll go in the next 18 years!:)

  9. Love the pictures! My suggestion (since I have been in your position before) is to call the attorney that helped with the adoption process. Also, consider who was responsible for submitting the paperwork for ICPC approval (if not the attorney). After 9 business days, I had the attorney contact WV (our home state) and inquire, and that is when we were told that we could go home. Don't know if it was coincidence or what. They faxed our attorney the paperwork, and we picked it up from his office and we were on our flight the next day. I will definitely pray about it for you!

  10. First a personal question...did you get him circumcised? Just curious as to what others are doing these day.

    The trip looks fun! He's a good traveler.

    Your in my prayers to come home soon.

  11. We had lots of fun with Evie, too. It really works well to have a body that's not recovering from delivery and a newborn that sleeps all the time! They are fun to cart around :)

  12. Ty is so cute! And Ben's personality seems a lot like my husband's, always there to make you laugh! I will be praying for Michigan to call today!

  13. I just cannot get over your journey. I will pray today that you guys receive the call you need and that you may travel home together as a family. Praying, praying, praying for you guys!

    Love the pics and I must say you guys are doing such a great job of "taking it all in" while away...and I can just imagine how much you really just want to be h-o-m-e right.now! There is no place like home:)
    Praying, praying,
    and big hugs!!

  14. What cute pictures! Looks like you guys are having a blast. Praying you get the call soon!! :)

  15. It looks like a fun day! I'm praying that you get the call making it OK to come home today.

  16. Oodles and tons of prayers your way that you will get that much needed call. I know you guys are having a blast on your mini vacay but being at home would be such a relief and probably feel much more "real" and permanent. Hugs, love, and tons of kisses to baby Ty. He is so adorable. Oh and you and Ben's smiles just light up my days.

  17. looks like a great time...sorry Ty did not like his first bath, but at least he is clean...P's belly button was the same way..yuck

    Praying for the timing of things...P wants to meet his new friend and wants you home soon :)

  18. Awwww! You guys are such a cute little family!!!! :) Hang in there!!

  19. Gosh I just LOVE that you're getting out and taking Ty places! I know so many people with newborns who "hide" them for the first many months of their lives! Babies are portable!

    Praying that you get to go home soon! :)

  20. Ty is a great tour guide!!! He knows all the good places!! Here's praying you get to head home tomorrow with all of you together!! Vanessa is right- enjoy your family time now as once you are home Ty will be surrounded by all the extended family love and you'll be remembering all the quiet family time-LOL!!!

  21. I'm praying and believing that the call will come soon - so that your precious family can hop in the car and begin your roadtrip back home!

  22. Just want you to know that I am praying you get the call to go home. Im so sorry its taking so long.


  23. Looks like a good time is being had by all. I pray you get to go home soon. My husband had to leave before we got ICPC clearance. In our case, he drove the car home with most of the stuff (I kept the bare minimum stuff that I needed) and when we finally got the clearance, I flew home with the baby. It worked out well for us. Hopefully you can get your clearance soon but in case not, it might work for you too (and be a lot cheaper than flying him home and back). It would also be easier to fly home with the baby instead of the LONG drive. Good luck!

  24. I bet Ty can't wait to go home and see the beautiful nursery you have waiting for him! I have been checking back several times, hoping that you have a quick post saying, "We got the call!". No such luck...yet. Praying that it happens SOON. It will be an amazing feeling to have all of you together, in your own home.

  25. I really haven't commented much, but I can just see the love you have for Ty. Thanks for being so open with your emotions. I hope you can get home soon and I bet family can't wait to see your little boy.

  26. Looks likes you guys are having fun!!

    We will be praying that you get the call!! =)

  27. I'll be praying! And T-Ben was hilarious and Tricera-Ty was really sweet too!
    Many blessings to you and your sweet family!

  28. Praying! Hope you're all home this weekend. Love, Julie

  29. I love how much fun you guys are having, and can't honestly believe how beautiful you both look, and how much energy you have with Mr. newborn baby at your side!!

    I am ready for you to be back home too...just to know you guys are safe and sound and settling into your real lives here will be comforting.

    I can imagine that it's hard to be away from your f/f, especially during this all-important time in your lives! I am definitely praying that the paperwork is complete soon!

    Keep the posts coming when you have the time...you are in my thoughts almost non-stop these days!!